Meet the next shining star in the dessert market ... Shaved Snow !! Not only because it's an eye pleaser but also it will bring a whole new sensation to your dessert experience. Try it and fall in love with it...

Shaved Snow is a simple yet elegant frozen dessert originated in the Formosa Island, Taiwan; also known as snowy ice or snowflake ice. This confection resembles freshly fallen snow, soft and fluffy; it holds a smooth and creamy texture that is similar to but lighter than frozen yogurt. Shaved Snow has been gaining popularity in Asia and is now making its way into North America.

Located in sunny Southern California, we are a wholesaler specialized in food products and equipment from all over the world.

We provide the key elements to make high quality Shaved Snow.

  • Specialized Powder Formula
  • NSF Certified Ice Shaver
  • Consultation & Technical Support