ET-99SU-UL Sealing Machine

ET-99SU-UL Sealing Machine



The ET-99SU-UL Sealing Machine has UL Certification to ensure a pristine sanitary design. It has the advanced microcomputer control system to detect errors. The automatic top cup design is suitable for a variety of different cup depths and adaptable sealing to a variety of materials: PP, PE, paper, and easy to tear film. It gives you a quick and effortless packaging.


  • International Certification: UL

  • Voltage: 110 v  

  • Capacity: 450 pcs / hr

  • Sealing Rim Diameter: 3.07" (78mm) - 3.86" (98mm)

  • Cup Materials: PET, PP
  • Film Materials: PET, PET/ES, PP
  • Weight: 63 lbs

  • Dimensions: 15 in x 17 in x 25 in

  • Made in Taiwan

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