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Located in Southern California, SAC FOOD SUPPLIES (SAC) is an international wholesaler specializing in food products and equipment from the Far East. Shaved Snow, Snow Ice or Snowflake Ice (xue-hua-bin) is a simple yet elegant cold dessert gaining popularity across the globe.

SAC carries NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified Shaved Ice Machines and specially designed Snow Ice Powder for creating your very own authentic Shaved Snow! All machines are made in Taiwan.

SAC, as a partner provides clear and advantageous conditions of cooperation as well as technical and promotional support. We take care about distributor relationship management with the maximum commitment and flexibility.

We are constantly looking for long-term and mutual benefit partners in all over the country, if you are interested to be our distributor or want to start your own Shaved Snow dessert endeavor, please contact us!


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